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Great project you have going here! Gratz on taking the plunge.  :)

Just a fine point I'd like to clarify though.

I'm the designer and co-owner of and I notice that you've already begun to use many images from our wiki without requesting permission. The use of content from is under strict copyright which you may read about at

Funny thing is that, as mentioned above, I'm not only an owner of but I have also personally designed much of the graphics there. In particular the graphics on the Battle Mage Set Items pages are of my own personal work. The images were a fun little project I did exclusively for With that in mind I ask that they be taken off this wikia as per my ownership. If further proof of ownership is needed you may contact me, "Schot", at the forum I co-own,

Thanx for your understanding and should you want to discuss this or anything else regarding you may contact "gogoblender" at the forum.



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