Enemies undead

Shaddar'Rim This variety of undead creature is an early creation of Shaddar; an experiment which went wrong while he was seeking immortality. Even after the Sakkara Demon killed Shaddar, the unholy ghostly creatures stayed loyal to their leader. They continue to search Ancaria for the female?s blood, which their master required for his ritual. The mounted emissaries of death are specifically dreaded because of their black mounts from hell, which gave the Shaddar?Rim their name.

Vampire The common Nosferatu, better known as the vampire in more recent times, is an especially dastardly beast. This undead creature is malicious and deceitful and ever more agile and swift than before the poor soul's unholy demise. The vampire feeds on the blood of the living and has the ability to create mindless servants with kisses of blood. The vampire is by no means a grotesque monster; but is instead a creature possessing an aura of voluptuousness combined with divine grace and elegance. A vampire can uphold this appearance at night or in vampire form as they have the ability to change form at will. Sunlight will damage and burn these creatures but only while in vampire form. Fortunately, only very few of these creatures can be found in Ancaria. The last known case of a vampire sighting is during the harassment of Bellevue in the times of Valorian. This horror ended when the Seraphim traveled to Bellevue at Valorian?s request and tracked the beast down. However, it is not known exactly how the Seraphim stopped the monster.

Ghostly and Energistic Entities Ghosts are entities whose souls are unable to find peace after their death. This can happen because of evil souls or because the demise was caused prematurely by unfortunate circumstances. However, it has been proven that ghosts are bound to their spiritual existence by emotions such as hatred, fury or even love and concern. It is said that such a restless ghost will finally find peace when the emotional tie is undone by solving an open task. However, it is allegedly possible to destroy the ghost form temporarily and it is rumored that it takes decades, if not centuries before the ghosts are able to take shape again. The Lich is an especially evil form of undead creature. A Lich is a mighty sorcerer who took preparations before their death to turn the body into negative, magical energy and to preserve the spirit at the same time. These creatures are the masters of all undead, and they have the ability to suck life through their energistic form. Their goal is the accumulation of power. Therefore, as a Lich grows older, they very often become mightier sorcerers than their living counterparts. Only the strongest magic would be able to destroy these creatures. A Lich also creates its servants from the corpses of its enemies. With such an army available, it is not surprising that more than 78 sorcerers died in Mystdale Castle alone whilst trying to stop a Lich, created by the Necromancer Shaddar. Let it be known that Shaddar was banished from the enclave for this act of blood.

Mummies Mummified creatures are a plague from the graveyards, dating far back to days before Aarnum I. As this technique is no longer applied and it has not been actively in use centuries, very few of these unholy creatures remain. These condemned creatures often came from rich backgrounds and when they died, they would be cursed in order to harass the living. Little is known of these creatures. Shaddar, the great Necromancer of Mystdale Castle claims that the ungainly, stumbling mummies which were created during experiments of necromancy, are only laughable images of the mummies of a true master. The mummies of a master, it is said, would receive the powers and abilities of heroic fighters and mythical sorcerers.

Ghouls and Zombies Ghouls and zombies used to be human but their nature was so evil that their rotten souls continue to transform them even in death. Thus their sinister decay continues. They are barely recognizable as humans as their bodies are covered in slime and they are decaying and infested with maggots. The zombies hunger for living flesh, while the ghouls feed on carrion. Beware adventurer! Ghouls and zombies have an predatory intelligence, which makes them hunt their prey. Do not be fooled by their slow movement. Some of them may turn into a nightmare, which is difficult to kill, as they appear to be mightier in death than they were during their lives. The Scribe Sebastianus of Urkenburgh reports that Morgast, second son of Aarnum I., continued to harass the stronghold for seven days as a zombie after his own men had killed him. He did not want give in and his tyranny only ended when Sir Michaelius of Mascarell finally tore the beast to pieces and threw tar over it in order to bind it in death forever. A pure spirit might also be compromised in such manner but that would require the deepest and darkest power of necromancy. Such power has not been known for many years on the plains of Ancaria

Skeletons Skeletons are beings without intellect. They act automatically, animated by the spells of necromancy, driven by their master's will. They do not have a will of their own; they simply carry out attacks or spells which were implanted. Necromancers often use these creatures as guardians for special places because they stoically follow their orders and have no desire to care for themselves. So far, it is uncertain how they can move in the absence of muscles. The necromancer Stevus Manekellus of Mystdale Castle, who was an apprentice of Shaddar, claimed recently that magical forces hold the limbs together. Therefore these masterfully created beings are able to move more swiftly than usual.

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