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The Safiri Warrior is always the first into battle. He focuses on melee combat and defeats his enemies with massive brutal attacks. He will fight to the death to protect comrades. Even when he's surrounded by enemies, the Safiri Warrior never gives up and fights to the end. Using a two-handed hammer, he crushes his enemies with devastating force.

Age 24



Basic overview Edit


Special AttackEdit

Performing a destructive jump with his two-handed weapon, the Safiri Warrior uses one his trademark special attacks to rain down destruction on his enemies.

Combo MovesEdit

Key: 1 for Primary; 2 for Secondary; "Forward" indicates left or right in direction character is facing; "Back" indicates left or right away from character.

1, 1, 1: Basic 3-hit weak combo.

1 (up to 3x), 2: Basic combo with strong Hammer Smash finisher.  Large forward radius, small rear radius.

1 (up to 3x), Forward+2: Basic combo with a strong Hammer Swing finisher.  Knocks non-boss enemies across the screen.  Huge forward radius.

1 (up to 3 times), Up+2: Basic combo with an "upper" move to knock enemy into the air.

[Copied from Ranger, updates TBD

1 (up to 3 times), Back+2: Basic combo with a rear attack. Fires an arrow that knocks away enemies.

1 (up to 3 times), Down+2: Basic combo with a headbutt finisher.  Good range, only hits 1 enemy, high chance to stun.]

1 (while near downed enemy): Rapidly stab the downed enemy.  Does normal combo if any standing enemies are in range (including mounts).  Deals extra damage and attacks extra fast.

Special Move DescriptionsEdit

1st Tier Power Attack:Edit

Throws a large axe across the screen.  Penetrates and knocks back all non-boss enemies.  Invulnerable wile casting.  Costs 1 Power block.

2nd Tier Power Attack:Edit

(unlocked at level 10) Jumps in the air and slams axe on the ground creating forward shock wave. Invulnerable while casting.  Costs 2 Power blocks.

3rd Tier Power Attack:Edit

(Unlocked at level 20): Jumps high off screen and dives into ground delivering massive damage to all enemies. Causes fire damage.  Costs 3 Power blocks.


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