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The Khukuri Shaman uses sorcery to improve the abilities of her party members and weaken her enemies' powers. Never understimate the Shaman because of her delicate stature. Beside her ritual spells she's still very skilled with melee weapons.

Age 17

Basic overview Edit

The Shaman is probably the most complex character.  Even without her special moves, her basic combos are very powerful, so she can be specced for pure Attack for base weapon damage.  Power can be specced in order to make her weapons' elemental attacks very powerful as well as her secondary Tambourine Shot.  She could have her Defense buffed in order to play a tankier healer, in which case Power is also beneficial to generate Power bars faster and possibly strengthen her heals/buffs.  Her secondary attack penetrates all enemies in a line across the screen, but does not cause them to "flinch" at all.  She can buff allies for damage or protection without using Power bars.

Special Attack Edit

Lvl 1 Special: When her allies are low on health, the Khukuri Shaman can conjure a magical storm to heal her team.

Lvl 2 Special: (unlocked at lvl 10) Casts some sort of protection spell on allies. Lasts about 10 seconds.

Lvl 3 Special: (unlocked at lvl 20) Casts self buff that increases her combo meter by 5 pts a second. Lasts about 10 seconds.

Combo MovesEdit

Key: 1 for Primary; 2 for Secondary; "Forward" indicates left or right in direction character is facing; "Back" indicates left or right away from character.

1, 1, 1: Basic 3-hit combo.

1 (up to 3x), 2: Basic combo with strong ground slam finisher.  Large forward radius, small rear radius.

1 (up to 3x), Forward+2: Basic combo with a strong forward tambourine sweep finisher.  Knocks non-boss enemies across the screen.  Huge forward radius.

1 (up to 3x), Up+2: Basic combo with an "upper" move to knock enemy into the air.

1 (up to 3 times), Back+2: Basic combo with a rear attack. Backhands enemies and knocks them away.


1 (up to 3 times), Down+2: Basic combo with a headbutt finisher.  Good range, only hits 1 enemy, high chance to stun.]

1 (while near downed enemy): Rapidly stab the downed enemy.  Does normal combo if any standing enemies are in range (including mounts).  Deals extra damage and attacks extra fast.

"Alternate attack" key + 2; (Unlocked at level X) Casts a buff on self and allies.  Tambourine element determines buff.  Lightning = increased damage.  Nature = Protection.  Lasts ~8 seconds.

Special Move DescriptionsEdit

Power Attack Button:Edit

Heals self and nearby allies.  Heal amount may be based on tambourine damage or Power stat.  Costs 1 Power block.

Up + Power:Edit

(unlocked at level 10) TBD. Invulnerable while casting.  Costs 2 Power blocks.

?? + Power:Edit

(Unlocked at level 20?): TBD.  Costs 3 Power blocks.


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