Prince Valorian, a direct descendant of Aarnum I, is banished by Alexor I and grows up in exile in the fortified monastery of Icecreek Dale. While out riding one day, he rescues the Speaker of the Elves of Tyr-Hadar, Laralasa, from a group of DeMordrey's soldiers. Valorian very nearly loses his life during the episode and only escapes death thanks to the healing powers of the Elves, who nurse him back to health at Lebensbaum, not far from the village of Timberton. His brave intervention touches Laralasa's heart and she falls in love with him. Valorian discovers the Elves to be courageous allies. With the help of the Elves and the Seraphim of Icecreek Dale, Valorian succeeds in toppling King Alexor from the throne at the Battle of Faeries Crossing and seizes the crown for himself. Valorian I ends the reign of terror and liberates the serfs. The sorcerers can return to the Kingdom and court sorcerers are introduced, while the Seraphim receive the status of Paladines as part of this restoration and are no longer subject to any worldly jurisdiction in the Kingdom. Valorian may not enter into marriage with Laralasa and so he weds Alexor's niece, Moridya DeMordrey, in order to make peace with the House of DeMordrey.

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