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The Ancarian Ranger is deadly with his bow. From a safe distance, he showers his enemies with a hail of arrows. The Ranger can get up and personal in melee combat as well and uses a combination of blades to bring down his enemies. Using a combination of bow and blades, the Ranger is truly a deadly force.

Age 29

Basic overview Edit

The Ranger relies primarily on the Dexterity stat because it increases the chance of critical hits and increases ranged attack damage (directly affects bow).  He relies somewhat on Attack because the higher the base damage of weapons, the higher his criticals will be when triggered. 

Special Attack Edit

The Ancarian Ranger can unleash a barrage of burning arrows to bring down even the largest of enemies.

Combo MovesEdit

Key: 1 for Primary; 2 for Secondary; "Forward" indicates left or right in direction character is facing; "Back" indicates left or right away from character.

[TBD: Add combo names from in-game Combos list.]

1, 1, 1: Basic 3-hit combo.

1 (up to 3x), 2: Basic combo with strong finisher.

1 (up to 3x), Forward+2: Basic combo with a strong knockback finisher.

1 (up to 3x), Up+2: Basic combo with an "upper" move to knock enemy into the air.  Jump to follow them and continue with an air combo.

1 (up to 3x), Up+2, 2 (up to 3x): "Pin Cushion" - Basic combo with an "upper" move to knock enemy into the air.  Fires arrows up at the enemy.  Seems to miss a lot.

1 (up to 3x), Back+2: Basic combo with a rear attack. Fires an arrow that knocks away enemies.

1 (up to 3x), Down+2: Basic combo with a headbutt finisher.  Good range, only hits 1 enemy, high chance to stun.

1 (while near downed enemy): Rapidly stab the downed enemy.  Does normal combo if any standing enemies are in range (including mounts).  Deals extra damage and attacks extra fast.

Special Move DescriptionsEdit

Power Attack Button:Edit

Rapidly fire flaming arrows straight ahead for ~4 seconds.  Invulnerable wile casting.  Costs 1 Power block.

Up + Power:Edit

(unlocked at level 10) Drop a small container that blasts everything on the screen every few seconds.  Very powerful (may be based on Bow's damage and/or Dex stat).  Hits count toward combo, so it can be very useful in areas that require too much dodging to maintain a combo.  Invulnerable for the ~2 seconds to drop the container.  Costs 2 Power blocks.

?? + Power:Edit

(Unlocked at level 20?): shoots himself with his own bow and releases little bombs which are able to one shot the queen boss costs 3 power blocks


  • If the player focuses more on buyng stronger weapons than armor (use those dodge skills!), Attack could be ignored in order to spec more Dex at earlier levels.
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