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The Seraphim Mage  is the main Protagonist of Scared Citadel and is the Leader of the Heroes and the Princess of Citadel and She. has dedicated years of study to offensive magic. From a safe distance she positions herself behind her allies and attacks the enemy with elemental spells. Despite her light armour, the damage she inflicts upon her enemy is huge.

Age 20

Basic overview Edit


Special Attack Edit

Lvl 1 Special: A signature special attack of a mage is a teleport spell to cross a distance and materialize with a massive explosion.

Lvl 2 Special: (unlocked at lvl 10) Locks enemies into place for about 15-20 seconds, all but bosses included.

Lvl 3 Special: (unlocked at lvl 20) Turns all enemies on screen into chickens and insta kills them all.

Combo MovesEdit

Key: 1 for Primary; 2 for Secondary; "Forward" indicates left or right in direction character is facing; "Back" indicates left or right away from character.

1, 1, 1: Basic 3-hit combo.

1 (up to 3x), 2: Basic combo with strong ground slam finisher.  Large forward radius, small rear radius.  Can be charged for more damage.

'1 (up to 3x), Forward'+2 (hold): Basic combo with a strong forward sweep finisher.  Knocks non-boss enemies across the screen.  Huge forward radius.  Can be charged for more damage.

1 (up to 3x), Up+2 (hold): Basic combo with an "launcher" move to knock enemy into the air.  Can be charged for more damage.

1 (up to 3x), Up+2, 2 (hold): Basic combo with an "launcher" move to knock enemy into the air.  Fires an upward Stasis Blast that will freeze the enemy in the air momentarily.  Can be charged for more damage.


1' (up to 3x), Back'+2: Basic combo with a rear attack. X enemies and knocks them away.

1 (up to 3x), Down+2: Basic combo with a X finisher.]

1 (while near downed enemy): Rapidly blast the downed enemy with magic.  Does normal combo if any standing enemies are in range (including mounts).  Deals extra damage and attacks extra fast.  Shorter range than some other characters, so may "fire" but not actually hit the downed enemy.

Special Move DescriptionsEdit

Power Attack Button:Edit

Jump in air, disappearing momentarily and reappearing in a blast of all elements.  Can Freeze, Burn, Electrocute, maybe Poison enemies.  Does not appear the Mage can reappear somewhere else by casting while moving in a specific direction.  Damage may be based on Armband damage or Power stat.  Costs 1 Power block.

Up + Power:Edit

(unlocked at level 10) TBD. Invulnerable while casting.  Costs 2 Power blocks.

?? + Power:Edit

(Unlocked at level 20?): TBD.  Costs 3 Power blocks.


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