One thousand years ago: Sophia, Royal Priestess and Protectress of the fortified monastaries of the Seraphim leaves the monastery at Icecreek Dale to her son, Aarnum I. Aarnum, a wild and impetuous man who has grown up in a world where Orcs and Dark Elves exert a murderous rule over the land and enslave the population, longs for peace. However, the Seraphim, weakened and small in number, refuse to help him. Aarnum flees to the forest stronghold of Tyr-Fasul in the Land of the Elves and gathers together an army of soldiers and knights errant. Aarnum deprives the Royal Priestess of her power and, with the help of his troops and the Dwarfs of Gnarlstat, he gathers a powerful army and captures Mhurag-Nar Castle from the Dark Elves on the Ancarian plains. Aarnum renames the castle Braverock, establishes his power as a worldly King and denies the Seraphim any authority within the borders of his small Kingdom. The sons of Aarnum I extend their Kingdom's sphere of influence with an iron fist. Knights, ruffians and bands of thugs roam the land, hunting and killing Orcs, Ogres and Dark Elves.

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