Valorian's grandson is King Aarnum X. Aarnum's power is based on an established system of trade and taxation that extends to all corners of the Kingdom. The Elves of Tyr-Hadar send forest runners to the Kingdom to help the royal trackers while the Seraphim secure the peace and administer justice. Relations with the House of DeMordrey are strengthened by a new alliance. Vladimir DeMordrey is now Aarnum's highest-ranking field marshal and military protector of the Kingdom and commands the best-trained and most powerful troops. The young Baron DeMordrey successfully protects the Kingdom by strengthening the town of Bravewall on the authority of the King. However, this decision means that the economically insignificant towns of Gloomoor, Highmarsh and Moorbrook are henceforth completely isolated from the protection of the Kingdom. Aarnum's son, Prince Valor, is currently fighting the troublesome Orcs in the south of the Kingdom. The young prince has not yet chosen a bride, however, Lady Druusa DeMordrey and Lady Varia of Hedgenton are among the most beautiful and desirable women in the Kingdom.

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