The Orcs, who once populated all the plains of Ancaria, are driven away to the east and south. While they are either enslaved or killed by the Dark Elves in the east, those hordes of Orcs dispersed by the royal troops to the barren wasteland of Khorad-Nur in the south manage to eke out a miserable existence there. However, the Orcs are hardened by these harsh conditions. The hordes develop warrior cults and brute force becomes the ruling factor in the demanding life of an Orc. In contrast, courtly customs are introduced to the houses of the nobility in the Kingdom. The Orcs soon learn to survive in the wastelands and start producing armor and weapons in the forges of their villages and mountain settlements. In the centuries that follow, the south of the Kingdom is subjected to continuous raids by the Orcs, whose increasing power is attracting other greedy creatures: Ogres, Goblins and Trolls willingly join the Orc troops.

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