Merchants You can sell items which you found to the merchants. You can also purchase equipment with the gold you earned through completing missions or in combat. There are weapons, armor and miscellaneous items available. The prices for buying and selling are affected by the hero?s charisma attribute.

Blacksmith The blacksmith in Sacred does not sell weapons but instead modifies them either with the blacksmith?s own skill attributes or by forging items into them. Thus, it is possible to integrate combat skills into weapons, and items such as rings and amulets can be forged into the sockets. It is even possible to retrieve a previously forged object which is especially valuable to you, and to transfer it into another weapon or piece of armor. The number of attributes or objects depends on the number of sockets available on any weapon or piece of armor.

Combo Master The combo master in Sacred is a ?blacksmith of combat skills?. The player can combine single combat arts and convert them into even more powerful attacks. The combined combat arts will be used consecutively. These combos can be triggered with a right click, just like any normal combat ability. These combos are especially efficient against certain opponents like, for example, the small and agile goblin shamen who are able to escape from close combat all too easily. A combo of a stunning combat jump, a successive attack and a fast multi hit (just to be on the safe side) will surely dispose of them and their helpers swiftly. Furthermore, runes of combat arts for other character classes which are of no use to the hero may be exchanged at the combo master. The exchange rate depends on the number of runes and can be anything from a random exchange to a specific choice of the new rune.

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