Morgast, second son of Aarnum I, proves to be particularly brutal and extends the persecutions to include Witches, Sorcerers and Mages as well as traveling minstrels and other nomadic folk. Between the capital Braverock Castle and the fortified monasteries, he builds Thundercliff fortress, soon to be known only as Crow's Cliff. This is because of the thousands of crows and ravens that feast on the corpses dangling along the grisly avenues of gallows, scaffolds and graves stretching out from the Seat of Morgast. Meanwhile, the Dark Elves are plotting a grim revenge. Using poison and treachery, they penetrate from the north, through the catacombs of the Dwarven stronghold of Gnarlstat and annihilate the Dwarven population. Not a single Dwarf, neither man, woman nor child survives the massacre. Barricaded in the stronghold, the Dark Elves build the fortress of Zhurag-Nar on the ruins of Gnarlstat, and from here they dominate the north-eastern plains of Ancaria.

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