Enemies humans

Dark Mages and Sakkara Priests The influence of the occult has changed the character of these experts of magic, twisting them into more selfish, diabolical spell casters. While the mages research the magical potentials, the dark priests of the Sakkara cult pay homage to the demonic creatures of Orcus. The nefarious magicians are dreaded in battle because they are not only masters of the elements but they also conjure creatures from hell.

Brigands and Thieves These outlawed thugs are random fighters; they attempt to flee early and prefer to attack from ambushes.

Soldiers, Mercenaries and Deserters These humans have many experiences with fighting and excel at close combat. Generally, such characters have been trained as military warriors, able to stand their ground during tactical battles with their troops. Archers frequently accompany these close combat fighters in order to weaken their opponents from a distance before close combat can ensue.

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