Enemies goblins

Giants The giants split from the goblins and they are distantly related to the ogres. They will often surround themselves with goblins as these smaller creatures offer some protection and they turned out to be willing helpers. Usually these strong creatures live in remote areas, as they tend to avoid large groups of humans even though they like to feast on the flesh of their human or elven victims. In the northern forests and the eastern swamps of Ancaria is where Hill Giants mostly live; their relatives, the Ice Giants, haunt the districts around Icecreek Dale. The Ice Giants are infamous for their barbaric rites and their cruel raids. These raids, however, were always doomed to failure at the walls of Ancaria?s stronghold, the monastic citadel of Icecreek Dale.

Goblins, Orcs and Ogres The origin of the goblinoids, such as orcs, goblins and ogres is unknown. There are speculations that they stem from early tribes of humans and dwarves mingling with each other. The ogres are a variation bred from the enslaved orcs of Mhurag-Nar during the occupation of the Dark Elven empire. Similarities between the Dark Elven ?Nar? and the Orcish ?Nur?, both expressions for strongholds, appear to date back to this era of slavery. The heritage of the goblins seems to be even older. These creatures are not truly evil, but rather chaotic. There are speculations here that the orcs evolved from a variation of goblins, which had to develop aggressive behavior patterns in the harsh and hostile environments they used to live in. The rare imps are another derivation from the goblins. They are well known for causing trouble and they always like to join the superior side, hoping to find protection. Therefore, they are frequently found as familiars in the employment of sorcerers.

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