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The Dwarf is a typical representative of the fantasy worlds: Tough, snappy, grumbling and eager to fight. He excels at close combat and he is very apt with axes as well as war hammers. Furthermore, dwarves boast a secret technical knowledge. Therefore, he is able to wield weapons that none of the other characters are able to handle. He is able to equip a musket for medium-range fights and one of his “special moves” is firing a canon, which is strapped to his back. The musket and the canon will feature extensive upgrade opportunities as a weapon and armor respectively. The Dwarf can be played as a close combat or ranged fighter.

Base Stats (increasement on level gain):

  • Strength: 26
  • Endurance: 18
  • Dexerity: 25
  • Phys Regen: 24
  • Mental Regen: 0
  • Charisma: 8
  • Strength: Increases the effectiveness of an attack and the damage inflicted in close combat.
  • Endurace: Influences the armor protection and reduces the effects of poison.
  • Dexterity: Increases the effectiveness of defense and the damage inflicted in ranged combat.
  • Physical Regeneration: Accelerates the restoration of live energy and of the special moves.
  • Mental Regeneration: Increases the damage done by one's own magic and shortens regeneration times.
  • Charisma: Lowers the prices characters pay to traders, also relates to the favor of the Spirit on Ancaria, increasing poison damage infliction).

Combat Statts

level 0

  • Constitution: Increases life energy and improves it's regeneration rate.

Weapon Lore: Opponents suffer more damage from close and ranged combat attacks.

Level 3

  • Weapon Technology: Faster execution and improved regeneration of all Dwarven Technologies.
  • Dwarven Lore: Improves the regeneration rate of all Dwarven Technologies.
  • Parrying: Attacks can be parried (deflected) with weapons and shields.
  • Axe Lore: Increases the speed and effectiveness of attacks with axes.
  • Concentration: Improves the regeneration rate of all combat arts.
  • Armor: Increases armor class and decreases the encumbrance caused by armor.
  • Ranged Combat: Increases the speed and effectiveness of attacks with ranged weapons.
  • Trading: Merchants will offer their goods cheaper and are more likely to offer special items.

Level 6

  • Unarmed Combat: Increases the speed and effectiveness of hand to hand attacks in close combat (bare hands or combat gauntlets).

Level 12

  • Sword Lore: Increases the speed and effectiveness of attacks with swords.

Level 20

  • Forge Lore: With this skill you can work on items of higher levels and improve the quality of the forge crafts.

Level 30

  • Disarming: Increases the chances of disarming opponents during combat.

Level 50

  • Agility: Increases defense and attack values during combat.

Skills and Spells

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