In Sacred Gold and Sacred Underworld are 4 special sets for the Dark Elf.First is called Bahamut,second Khrag,

third is called Huron Assassination and the last and the most powerfull is called Ethan-Rhy.The last is much powerfull because if you have the full set,you will get the Water Form which is a spell casted by  Battle Mage that make you invisible,you also get +5 weapon lore,40%damage poison , wounds 10% and 30% defense.If you want to get more easier those sets,i suggest to use the multi-player option and search for a dragon,save the game when the dragon is nearly dead,and after you kill it,get all items,export the character,disconnect and connect again and kill the dragon again,this is called farming i've do this when my Dark Elf was lv 60 with the twin blue dragons in Tyr'Fasul.

Good Luck!

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