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The Daemon is a creature of the underworld, a sinister and eerie character. She musters dark magic and she is able to transform into several types and shapes of demons. Each shape allows the Daemon a different style of attack, usually in combination with an additional magic ability. All demon types are apt close combat fighters who prefer to wield demonic swords. However, the Daemon will be able to wield any weapon in close combat. The Daemon can be played as a powerful close combat fighter using enhancing auras or she can be played as a sorceress.

Base Stats:Edit

  • Strength: 35
  • Endurance: 21
  • Dexterity: 22
  • Physical Regeneration: 18
  • Mental Regeneration: 28
  • Charisma: 15
  • Strength: Increases the effectiveness of an attack and the damage inflicted in close combat.
  • Endurace: Influences the armor protection and reduces the effects of poison.
  • Dexterity: Increases the effectiveness of defense and the damage inflicted in ranged combat.
  • Physical Regeneration: Accelerates the restoration of live energy and of the special moves.
  • Mental Regeneration: Increases the damage done by one's own magic and shortens regeneration times.
  • Charisma: Lowers the prices characters pay to traders, also relates to the favor of the Spirit on Ancaria, increasing poison damage infliction).

Combat StattsEdit

level 0Edit

  • Magic Lore: Increases the damage dealt by all types of magic.
  • Weapon Lore: Opponents suffer more damage from close and ranged combat attacks.

Level 3Edit

  • Dual Wielding: Enables the wielding of two weapons during combat, increases attack value and speed.
  • Hell Power: Improves the regeneration rate and casting times for Daemon spells.
  • Meditation: Improves the regeneration rate of all spells.
  • Axe Lore: Increases the speed and effectiveness of attacks with axes.
  • Concentration: Improves the regeneration rate of all combat arts.
  • Sword Lore: Increases the speed and effectiveness of attacks with swords.
  • Long-handled Weapons: Increases the speed and effectiveness of attacks with long-handled weapons.
  • Constitution: Increases life energy and improves it's regeneration rate.

Level 6Edit

  • Agility: Increases defense and attack values during combat.

Level 12Edit

  • Riding: Enables the riding of superior horses.

Level 20Edit

  • Armor: Increases armor class and decreases the encumbrance caused by armor.

Level 30Edit

  • Disarming: Increases the chances of disarming opponents during combat.

Level 50Edit

  • Parrying: Attacks can be parried (deflected) with weapons and shields.

Skills and SpellsEdit

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