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Demons The common demon is a being which does not derive from our plane of existence. Demons exist on all four of the elemental levels but the most familiar among them are those coming from the flames of hell. Little is known about these creatures. Apparently, they have auras which enable them to bring part of their demonic level into this dimension in order to link the two dimensions together. There are even assumptions that the word demon does not derive from Daemoncius but rather from the change of dimensions and therefore dates back to the ancient Ancarellian Dimen-Zion. Attempts to conjure demons are rarely successful because dragging them from their dimensions usually ends in violent reactions. There are recommendations for establishing binding areas using pentagrams or hexagrams while attempting to conjure a demon.

Dracoids Contrary to popular belief wyverns, dragons and fire lizards do not share a common origin. The wyvern as well as the ice, fire and desert lizards derive from cold-blooded reptiles, whereas true dragons share similar blood fragments with the Seraphim. An analysis of dragon eggs and Seraphim blood showed that both inherit signs of having been present since the Ancient Gods of Creation, and thus are even older than the Elves. So far, there have been reports of three dragons in Ancaria. Loromir of Drakenden instructs Valorian knights near the enclave of the magicians. There are rumors that the people of Alkazaba noc Draco serve a dragon which is guarding a mystical treasure. Latest observations claim that there is an especially fierce and powerful monster in the forests west of Mascarell. There are rumors that the necromancer Shaddar turned a dieing dragon into an undead creature.

Giant Monsters Various creatures of Ancaria managed to grow to unnatural sizes due to a contamination with free-floating magic. Several spiders and scorpions boast both unpleasant size and speed. Two species of cave inhabitants grew to unimaginable sizes and they live near the glowing crystal mountains of Gnarlstat. Tatabak, the dwarven guardian of Upper Gnarlstat, reported during the times of Morgast I. that cavefish and giant spiders took refuge in the depths of the mines and within deserted strongholds. The cavefish appear to be a mixture of crab and fish crushing everything with their giant jaws. Some of the spiders have allegedly reached the size of houses.

Trolls, Harpies and Gargoyles Ancarian trolls are found all over the world. These creatures exist in various types: the most harmless type uses pure physical strength to smash its victims. Then there are fire trolls spitting their fiery breath towards their prey, and there are poison trolls weakening their enemies with poisonous vapors before they feast on their flesh. Harpies and gargoyles date back to the time of the ancient Wars of the Gods when demons invaded the world of the mortals. Harpies are of demonic origin. They stem from demons mating with Elven females who were placed under their spell. Gargoyles are guardians of the Dark Elven palaces. The lascivious female sorcerers of the Dark Elves animated the stony spouts and breathed demonic life into them by binding the souls of weakened demons to the first gargoyles. After the Wars of the Gods that ended with the sacrifice of Sophia, both monster groups took refuge elsewhere in the world. They are invariably found near dungeons and ruins.

Fauna The animals of the forest define Ancaria?s fauna. There are deer and stags and only nobles and their gamekeepers are allowed to hunt them. Several types of bear and wild boar are also at home in these lands. These animals, along with most types of wolves, are usually less aggressive than people are lead to believe. Only the Wargh-Wolves are dangerous and aggressive as they derive from the Dark Elven breeding kennels of Mhurag-Nar. Their aggression is similar to that of rabid wolves and even the usually timid forest wolves of Ancaria will adopt this aggression when the Wargh infest them.

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